Car mini lease

car mini leaseIf you are looking to add some cars to your fleet or need something for a new contract or employee then a car mini lease may be for you.

We can provide a wide variety of cars from 3 months to 1 year depending on your needs. Car Mini lease can be more cost effective than a short term rental.

Vehiclerent are able to source cars from all of the brands and manufacturers you know and love so whether you are looking for a Fiat 500, to a C Class Mercedes, we can find the right car to suit your requirements.


Whether you need a car for growth, flexibility or to deal with a lead in period, Call us for the best deal.

We don’t just offer this service for cars, we also have a van mini lease service too. If you are looking for a combination of cars and vans then fill in the enquiry form or contact us to arrange the best time to receive a call back and receive a personalised quote.

If you want some cars for your business for a shorter period at very competitive prices, then a car flexi rent could be the better solution for you.

Call us now or submit an enquiry. We will find the right car for your business